10 New Year Resolutions for Writers

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With the festivities over, everyone is quickly settling down to face the work the year presents. One of the ways people begin the new year is by setting New Year Resolutions. And even though here at Sons of Issachar, we might not be able to help with resolutions like, “pay more attention to my dog”, or “Be a nicer person”, we certainly have the tools to help you keep your resolution of going from writer to published author this year.

For those who are yet to decide, 2017, by all accounts, will be a great year for book printing. How do we know? Well, over the past few years’ book sales have been rising steadily and analysts tell us that is not going to change anytime soon.

So, if you have been wondering who will buy or read your book, there you have it…your market beckons.

To get you started on the right footing, we have put together 10 New Year Resolutions for you. These are guaranteed to take you from #Thots2Prints with ease.


Let’s go!

  1. Make Writing a Priority

You need to create time to do some writing every single day. Sometimes, this may even mean sacrificing other events or outings so you can get some writing time. Make your writing a priority and not something you do only during your spare time.

  1. Set Goals

Outline what exactly it is you aim to achieve this year as a writer [yes, go ahead and call yourself that from time to time]. What you have set as your end goal will ultimately determine how much time you are willing to put into your work. And always remember to set realistic goals and not something you know you are incapable of meeting. Let your goals also come with timelines and assessment metrics.

  1. Read More

No great writer was ever called great who did not commit to becoming a voracious reader. Good writers read; great writers read a lot. From within and outside their genre. Try to read a lot of fiction. If you have never read poetry beyond what was required of you in your literature class, attempt it now. A new year is such a great time to dive into some good old classics. Why not start today?

  1. Become a “Dear Diary” Kinda Person

Keeping a journal is one of the sure-fire ways to keep the creative juices flowing. Whether it is a travel journal, or an idea journal, or a journal that details your activities. Writing about something new can open you up to new ideas. If you don’t keep a journal, start one. It gives you some writing practice and may let you see ideas and problems in ways you haven’t before.

  1. Learn at Least One New Skill

It could be cooking, knitting, or even art. Learn one new non-writing skill this year. Make it your ‘down-time’ hobby. You would be amazed at how much acquiring a new non-writing skill will open up your mind to endless possibilities, ideas, and concepts. Truth is, the more things you know, the deeper your well of experience becomes and this is the well you draw from when writing. And who knows? You may meet some very interesting people along the way.

  1. Network

Many hardly think of this as crucial to building a writing career, but it is. Beyond having Sons of Issachar on your side, you need to build a network of friends, mentors, partners, agent, editors, and most importantly, readers. Your online platforms are a great place to begin. What do your social media profiles say about you as a writer? Do you engage your followers or just tweet away when you have the chance? Always remember that a well-constructed network creates a strong foundation for achieving success at every stage of the publishing and book printing process, from writing to marketing to sales—so get out there and make some friends.

  1. Get Organized Now!

Treat your writing with the same level of seriousness and dedication an investment banker treats his stock. Get organized. If you are the pen and paper type, get notepads and files where you can store slips you have scribbled on. Have the time when you transfer these scribbles into one major notepad. You must set aside time to file or save your work. If you are more digitally inclined, then always save your work and never ever forget to back up your writing. Your methods don’t have to be fancy, just ensure they serve the purpose.

  1. Enter a Contest

You will be amazed at just how much entering a contest helps you with deadlines and delivery. It’s an exercise in self-discipline, plus, it helps refine your talent and skill since you are subjecting your work to scrutiny. Forget about whether you win the contest or not. In the end, you gain more from participating. And who knows, you just might win.

  1. Stay Informed

A good writer is informed; there is no better way to say it. This does not mean every writer must sit in front of the TV and watch a news channel for hours, but every writer needs to be up to speed on current events and happenings around the world. Sometimes your best ideas will come from what’s going on in the world. In trying to stay informed, always watch out for balance; don’t just stay focused on just one side of an issue.

  1. Quit Comparing Yourself to Other Writers

Every writer has their own style. The fact that one writer’s style is liked does not mean your readers will not like your writing. Besides, people have varying tastes, even in the kinds of books they like to read. Never compare your style or your career as a writer with anyone else’s. if you have done so in the past, this year, resolve to quit and focus on being the best version of you the world, and your readers have yet to see.

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