Publishing a book takes a lot of hard work and much more rejection for the average writer. It would of course be easier if you had the funds available to be able to publish your book. Unfortunately, there is no secret to finding this kind of funding, but there are ways to get it done. It might not be as simple and quick as you thought.

Everyone that takes this route has had to find a loophole to try and find this kind of funding. What might work for one writer might not work for the next, so you have to explore all the options available to you. If you are truly passionate about your book, you already won half of the battle. Now it’s just a matter of finding the method that works for you. With that being said, here are some of the most effective ways to do so.

1. Crowdfunding

It is never easy to get money out of strangers, but if you have a good concept and life story, you would be able to sell it to them. People do this for various reasons, but I have seen many writers successfully raise enough money to publish their books. You will need money for many other facets of completing your book, but this is by far the most important and final step to achieving your goal. You can find a paraphrasing service for free online, but you cannot publish your book for free.

Create a campaign and share it on all your social media platforms. Ask your friends and family members to share the posts in order for you to reach more people. This kind of campaign usually goes very well if you have a reason behind not funding your own project. Perhaps you want to play on the heartstrings of people, of course making sure that everything you are saying is in fact the truth. There is no reason to make up false stories in these types of campaigns, because the truth always comes to the surface. If you have enough people who believe in you, there should not be a problem and you should be able to raise sufficient funds.

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2. Sponsors

There are companies out there to fund your book, but it might take some digging to find these. Of course, you might have to put the name of your sponsor on your book, but there are also other ways to give back. You could speak at one of their events to help spread the message in your book. If you are writing a book about a specific industry, you would obviously focus on companies within those parameters. Find good paraphrasing help to help you eliminate all clichés and jargon.

It might seem frightening at first when approaching a company, but you would be surprised how much this happens. It is just about finding someone who is willing to listen. Then it is your job to prove why they should help get this information out to the public. You also want the information in your book to be new and unique. If it is a repeat of what is already out there, it won’t sell well.

3. Grants

One of the best options, but definitely the most challenging to get are grants. The government has a budget to help writers publish their books. If it was easy to do, we all would. You need to have your story straight when you apply for a grant. Make sure you have a strong marketing plan in place. This is to prove that you have a plan on how to sell this book. It is also not easy to get a grant as a first time writer, because you are unable to prove any kind of success.

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It would usually be required that you prove that you are able to complete a large project, like finishing a book. If this is your first time trying, you are going to find it difficult to prove. You can use all the paraphrasing online but if you cannot prove that you’d be able to complete the task, you are wasting time. Of course, if you get it, you are a star and you just made your life a lot easier.


Getting your book published on your own is no easy task, but it is just as difficult to find a publisher. Make sure you know what your options are and choose the best one suited for you. Even though the road to seeing your book in a bookstore is tough and sometimes long, it is definitely worth the trouble. At the end of the day, you are going to reach your goal, no matter what stands before you.

Culled from The Writing Cooperative

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