Coming up with a book idea can be quite challenging even if you have been writing for years. However, that shouldn’t stop you from writing one. Below are five book ideas you can consider:

  1. Write about your personal experience: Chances are that you have gone through some amazing experiences, either good or bad, and there is no point letting those experiences go to waste when you can cash-in on them by writing about the experiences, and turning them into a book. So, even if it is about your most recent adventure and how you feel about it, or a heart break, you can write about it.
  2. Write about your opinions: Chances are there are subjects you are most probably passionate about –such as feminism, gay rights, politics, adventures and the likes. You can write a book about your opinion on any of such subject matters and sell it to the world.
  3. Write about your industry: Writing a book about your career, or an industry you function in, is also a fantastic idea for a bestselling book.
  4. Write about someone else’s experience: You probably have an idea of what someone close to you, or even a friend went through that you find interesting. In this case, it is advisable to write about it as a work of fiction, and add some twists and turns to the story, to make it your own unique idea before you sell it to the world.
  5. Write about what you would love to read: There is probably a story you wish you have read, or a book you wish existed. So, you can take a cue from that and write a book about it. That way, you would have created something you wished existed.
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Beyond all the ideas mentioned above, it is important for you to know that the best book ideas come from the heart; so listen to your heart and get the best idea from it. Also, don’t forget to read and explore the world to get some fantastic ideas for a book.

Good luck!