A lot of people have been victims of idea theft by friends, imitators, and organizations; and if you have ever been a victim of idea theft, you know how annoying or/and helpless you feel when someone else steals your idea. If you have never been a victim of idea theft, you should be concerned that it may happen to you someday. So, either you simply want to stop being a victim of idea theft, or you want to prevent it from happening to you, here are 5 ways to guard your idea against theft.

  1. Don’t reveal too much: Sometimes, discussing your idea may be thrilling, especially when you are talking to someone who is willing to listen, but always ensure that you don’t reveal too much when talking about it. Also, it might be necessary to write a proposal to an organization about your idea, but when doing this, never state how the idea will be implemented, and try to conceal some other important aspects of your idea.
  2. Research the receiver: If you have to talk about your idea to someone, perhaps a friend, make sure it is someone you can trust, and if it is an organization, research the organization to ensure that they are reputable!
  3. Have a trademark: This is one legal way to protect your idea. Since a company’s name is often tied to a trademark, having a trademark to your company’s name or business proves that the idea was originally yours.
  4. Use non-disclosure agreements: If you need to reveal your idea to a company or a corporate organization, you can use a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that your idea will not be stolen before revealing it. So rather than just requiring a signature, consider printing a confidentiality agreement on your business plan.
  5. Do it first: Even after discussing your idea with friends or even colleagues, consider implementing it first before anyone else, this is because an idea can simply remain an idea if no one implements it.
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So, in order to guard your idea against theft, simply use any of the suggested means above.