Having a website as an author is necessary; this is because it is a platform where your readers can get to know more about your books, as well as connect with you. However, it is not enough to just have a website, there are some must-haves every author needs on their website. Allow us to present them to you below:

  1. An about page: This might seem obvious, but aside from having an about page, there are some important elements that must reflect in this section, such as where you reside, your picture and a short professional bio. If you are a fun type, then your about page shouldn’t portray you as a very serious person. Your page should portray you as you really are.
  2. A way to connect: This is also a very important thing an author must have on his/her website. Sometimes, readers and fans want to connect with you after visiting your website; so, icons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as Email address should be available for them to connect to you.
  3. A listing of your books: Your website should have a list of all your books, including your most recent books. Since you are an author, this should be a very obvious part of your website.
  4. A section of comment about your book: There should also be a section on your website where readers can comment about your books, either it is about what they like about your book, or typos they discovered in your book.
  5. A newsletter sample: If you want people to subscribe to your newsletters, then you should actually have a newsletter sample on your website so that people can have an idea of what they would be subscribing to.
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Once you have checked your website and all of the elements listed above are present, then your website is good to go!

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