In today’s post, we’ll go over five types of fiction manuscripts that get the attention of publishers!

When submitting your query and sample chapters to any publisher adding your work to their already mountain-high pile of submissions for consideration, you should remember that every publisher has different types of manuscripts they are looking to add to their stables. Though their criteria for manuscript selection may vary, publishers often take specific genres or market trends into consideration when doing their selection.

As a writer intending to engage publishers, it is always important to find out what types of manuscripts the publishers you are interested in engaging accept. In this article, you will learn the 5 types of fiction manuscripts that get the attention of publishers.

 Romance fiction:

Romance fiction, according to a recent study on popular fiction that sells, remains one of the most patronized genres of fiction. Publishers are always more than willing to publish fiction in the romance category. Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is a great example.

Science fiction:

Science fiction, or sci-fi as it is popularly called, can never stop being in demand, not when they provide an easy escape route from the world we already know. Some of its sub-genres include Colonization, Alien invasion, Time travel, Space, and so on.  Publishers seek manuscripts in this genre because it can always meet their publishing goals.

Crime fiction:

These refer to fictional genres dealing with crime or misdemeanor related themes and usually woven around unveiling the mysteries that surround those crimes. This particular genre embraces suspense a lot and thus offers readers great thrills. Publishers do have crime fictions on their Call-for-submission list.

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General Children fiction:

Children fictions consists of books primarily written to entertain and inform the minds of young ones. Mindful-parents and elementary schools always seek great reads for their children and pupils. This means they are always on demand, and as such publishers welcome manuscripts in this genre.

Fantasy fiction:

Fantasy fiction involving the use of supernatural powers, and unimaginable or mythical characters in an unlikely setting is hotcake. Many individuals consider this genre fun and publishers specifically go in search of well-written fantasy fiction.

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