Writers usually worry about the ways to get their books out there for people to purchase and read. Although a printed book is usually considered the best form of publishing, because it is easy for people to collect the material and even study overtime; however, in this age of technology, where most contents are being used, reused, tweaked and republished, and materials are being backed up online, there are several other ways of publishing a content aside from having a printed copy. Consider the following forms of book publishing:

  1. E-book: This is one way an author can publish his or her book and reach a lot of people. This is because a lot of people seem to be more comfortable with downloading a book online to read rather than visiting a bookstore to purchase one. So exploring the e-book option as a means of publishing will definitely be effective.
  2. Blog: Writers are always encouraged to have a blog, and one of the reasons is for them to have an avenue for people to read their content. So, if you don’t have a blog you can consider doing so now. Once you have created, designed, and grown the blog followership, you can begin to publish your materials on the platform. And the best part is that people are always hungry for content, so you can keep publishing as much as you like and get people to subscribe to your blog in order for them to receive your content the moment you publish.
  3. Audio book: This is another avenue you can explore to publish your content. There are people that are too tired to read and would rather prefer to listen to the book. So, you can get someone to read your book or do so yourself while you record and publish online.
  4. Web video: You can open a YouTube channel, if you don’t already have one, and read extracts from your book at each episode while you entertain questions from your YouTube audience. With that your content gets to reach a lot of YouTube subscribers that you might have.
  5. Mobile APP: This is another way you can get your content to millions of smartphone users. You can simply create an app for people to download and read your content or article.
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Simbiat Bakare

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