Ah, the old enemy. Writer’s block can happen to anybody no matter how good a writer you are. From writers like Malcolm Gladwell to writers like the author of “Nkechi the bush girl.” Not just authors but musicians, speech writers or anyone who deals with content. So, what do you do when you feel like you don’t have a creative bone in your body and everything you pen down finds a home in your trash bin?

Frist, Writer’s block can be caused by timing. Sometimes your ideas need a little more time to get fleshed out before they are penned down.

It can also be caused by Fear. Some writers fail before they even fail. They are so scared of penning down their ideas and showing the world to critic.

The third reason is perfectionism. Many people want their ideas to be perfect in their head before penning it down and when this doesn’t happen, they fail to write. Truth is, perfection comes during the process of writing and not before.

Now, there is no formulaic fix to this problem as different tricks work for different people. You simply have to find something that works for you (which might not work the next time you try it so you have to think up something else again). Here are some creative and practical solutions to Writer’s Block.

  1. Go for walk to take your mind off the work a bit. View the scenery and it will help you relax.
  2. Eliminate as much distractions as possible. Sometimes, the problem is that the creative space in our head is being occupied by pictures from Instagram.
  3. Play a game. Chess will do, or a word game.
  4. Change your environment. Sometimes it might just be your village people…ok, seriously, it might just be that the environment isn’t conducive enough for you to be creative.
  5. Read a book. This does wonders!
  6. Listen to music. This also works wonders!
  7. Spend time with someone that makes you feel good. A friend, family member or partner will do.
  8. Brainstorm ideas in bullet points. These ideas might look stupid at first but if you drop your book and take a second look later, you might be able to build something around them.
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If all these still don’t work, then you should probably call us to do the writing for you.

But note that you do not overcome writers block by refusing to write and waiting for “inspiration” to come. Also, do not wallow in self-pity and make excuses to procrastinate. Also, watching TV is a bad idea! And you do not overcome writer’s block by reading articles on how to overcome writer’s block…oops.


Samuel Ejedegba

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