Becky Olorunpomi

Becky Olorunpomi 

Becky Olorunpomi is a journalist, speaker and certified relationship (marriage) mentor from The Institute of Marriage and Family Affairs (TIMFA), USA. A graduate of the Basic Daystar Leadership Academy, she is the convener of an annual Singles Summit in Lagos, Nigeria.

 A reporter and writer who has worked on several media-related projects, Becky has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree in English and Literary Studies from Kogi State University and a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

 She is passionate about enlightening and empowering youths with particular attention to the sexually abused. She also shares her expertise on relationship matters with singles and the married alike. As an on-air personality, Becky features in various T.V. and Radio shows.

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