NewsBreakers sets out to enthrone a fresh brand of journalism by breaking news real-time and bringing facts to fore in social discourse.

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Valour Digest

Valour Digest is an online resource that aims to celebrate men as well as inspire, empower and equip them to become all they were created to be. It also sets out to partner with men by providing time-tested resources that will help them to live a maximised life as well as take their place at home, at work, in the community and the world at large.

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Virtue Digest

Virtue Digest is more than just an online magazine, it is a community of sisters who share the same struggles and are on a collective journey to personal discovery and self-mastery, rejoicing in one another’s victories and relishing each moment along the way.

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Kingdom News

Kingdom News is an e-publication inspired by God to spotlight the happenings in Ministries, Churches, etc. around the world. Kingdom News is committed to use its platform to contribute to the advancement of God’s kingdom around the world.

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Daily Dew Devotional

The devotional is purposed to refresh our minds and offer insights on passages of the Bible, as the guiding manual, toward living maximally and becoming the ultimate (wo)man.

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