Every day uncountable ideas flash through our minds. Some of them are terrific ones loaded with information that would proffer solutions to some of the problems we see prevalent in our specific industry or areas of expertise or mind-blowing thoughts that will set us apart from the crowd.

As a successful business professional, politician, or industry expert, you probably don’t have a lot of extra time; certainly not enough extra time to write a voluminous book. We know that as a professional, writing a book on an area of your core competence makes you stand out. It can also serve as a veritable medium to deliver your philosophy, values, expertise, knowledge and latest trends in your field to clients and audience; thus, further entrenching you as an authority in your immediate and remote spheres of influence.

With a great book, what you offer your readers is your unique, one-of-a-kind perspective. This ultimately gives you brand recognition. Nothing establishes a professional’s brand like a book. The author of a book gains expert status in his or her field. Writing a book instantly establishes the author as a respected personality with the news media, clients, and other professionals. With Sons of Issachar Concepts at your service, authoring a book and getting published is easier than ever.

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