How important are book reviews?

Your book is great, those who know you personally and have read your book might know that, but how about those who are yet to read your book? How do you convince them that your book is great and they should go ahead and get their own copy?

Through book reviews, right?


Research has shown that people tend to trust reviews of people they know and respect, especially when they want to purchase an item. So if you want to increase your book sales, it is critical that you make efforts to get fantastic book reviews and here we have outlined how to do it.


How to get book reviews and increase your book sales

Here are great options you should try out.


1. Start with Social Media and Ask Your Followers.

Odds are you have a social media account already and you have promoted your book on it. If you haven’t done so and you wonder why you should, you can read our blog post on 5 Reasons Why Social Media is a Must for Every Author. Connect with people on your social media accounts, encourage them to read your book and leave a review on the comment section of your platform or where your book has been published.


2. Ask People You Know

The response you get from social media might be a bit below your expectation, which is why you shouldn’t stop there. You should ask people you know personally, such as friends, colleagues, family, and relatives to help you review your book.

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3. Take Advantage of Book Events

Any time you attend a book event, which might be your book signing event, encourage people to leave a review on the platforms your book is available for sale. By just asking, you will be surprised by how much people would oblige.


4. Do a Little Giveaway

People love giveaways, and they are usually quick to respond to it. You can host an event for book lovers with a promise of give-away, encourage them to read your book and leave a review in exchange for a gift. You can also give away copies of your book for people to read in exchange for a review. Another creative thing you can do is to host a social media campaign or contest for people who can give the best review for your book. Whatever idea you choose to use, once something valuable is attached as a gift, people would respond to it.


5. Connect with Book Bloggers

Book bloggers have a lot of influence on their audience regarding what book to read/buy. Take advantage of this influence by cultivating a deep relationship with book bloggers. Once you have, you can ask them to review and recommend your book to their readers.


If you know other ways you can get fantastic reviews for your book, don’t hesitate to explore them and also share with us in the comment section so that other authors can learn too.