As an author, hosting a book signing event is a great strategy to promote your book, hook new fans and celebrate the endless night and day that you have put in to make your book a reality. If you want to host a book signing event, here is how to do it right and impress your fans at the event.

1. Book an Interesting Venue
One of the important aspects of a book signing event is its venue. Although it might be a little challenging to come-up the perfect venue, it will be worth it if you take the time to think of a venue that people would fascinate people and make the day memorable. You can choose to use a venue that portrays the theme of your book, or the title of your book. You can also rub minds with your friends or colleagues to decide the perfect venue for your book event.

2. Plan Early
Planning a book event might seem like an easy task, but planning early, like two to three months in advance will help you cover all the important aspect of the event and make the day go more organized. You can have a professional portfolio prepared which will contain a copy of your book, a press release that explains what your book is about, your brief as an author amongst others.
Also, a lot of venues are usually booked in advance, so, it is important that you book your venue early before it is taken by someone else and that you plan on how you intend to inform people about your event.

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3. Delegate Responsibilities For The Big Day
It is important to stay organized when the big day comes, so that you will eliminate potential distractions, and will be able to stay focus and impress your fans. So, for the day, it is advisable you delegate responsibilities to your friends and family members who would be willing to help you and you can rely on. Some of the things you can delegate are:
• Telling a friend to take care of your book sales so that you can focus on signing books for your fans.
• Telling your relative to be in charge of your books so that you can don’t run out of books on your event.

4. Express Gratitude
Gratitude is one of the important attitudes to express in order to impress your fans at your book event. Thank everyone who contributed to the success of your event, including your fans; both during and after the event.
This would go a long way in building a good relationship with people as an author and motivate people to be genuinely interested in your book, thus increasing your book sales.

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