Labeling the chapters in a work of fiction deserves a lot of thought and creativity. However, it shouldn’t be something to fret about. If you have struggled in the past with finding the right title for each chapter in your novel, these easy-to-use tips will make the task of labeling your book chapters much easier.

Use thematic chapter titles for fiction

Just like there is a primary theme for your whole manuscript, there is also a subtheme for each chapter. The subthemes can be twisted into short words or replaced with words nearest in the description for the chapter. However, you should be careful not to spill out everything about the chapter in the label. To avoid spillage, use few words. It could be a word or two to three words.

For example, if a chapter in your book deals with the certain expedition, or even a search for something, whether abstract or not, using a label such as “The Quest” will do just fine.

Another example is if a chapter talks about how a character finds it difficult to forgive another character, then employing the name of the character receiving the action is OK. e.g. “Forgiving Brian”

Other examples include, “The carnival” “Birthright” and so on.

 Use chapter settings

Another way to get creative with your book chapter label is by using the settings. Don’t forget settings in literature deals with time and place. So labeling your chapters with titles such as: “After Dawn,”  “When the moon embraces the sun,” “Oji River” and so on will give more life to the chapter.

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While the first example simply talks about sunrise, the second talks about the evening, the last example, however, is the name of a place.

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Use suspense-filled words

Your label is not just meant to sit above your chapter content; it can play an effect on your reader. Using labels that arouse the interest of your readers can make them read a whole chapter at once no matter how long it is, in search of answers.

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For example

Labels such as “Heaven can wait” will spur a reader’s interest to find out how and why, especially for readers who are so avid about religion.

Also, a chapter with a label like “A dance with the devil” can create some thrilling effect for readers.

Finally, you can combine numbers with words when labeling the chapters in a work of fiction. Whichever way you choose, be sure to do it the right way.

Chima Rachael J.