Unlike the conventional short stories which take pages to complete, Flash Fictions is a literary genre comprising fiction which can be as short as a two-line paragraph, or even few words creatively written and still convey meaning.Flash fiction is also referred to as ‘short-short story’, ‘micro-fiction’, or ‘micro-story’. A well-written flash fiction can appear as an allegory usually conveying a deeper meaning other than what is understood from its surface reading.  Flash fiction writing can be such a tedious creative writing, especially because you are aiming to convey meaning in few paragraphs. Here are tips to help you learn how to write a flash fiction.


#1. Use Strong Imagery in Your Writing: When writing a flash fiction, you should use word that are easy to visualize.

#2. Stick To A Single Scene: When writing a flash fiction, it is best to always have a particular moment in mind, that way you don’t need much words to explain what happens before or thereafter.

#3. Do Not Feature More Than Two Characters In A Flash Fiction: To help you achieve the flash fiction format you want, you should try to revolve your story around one or two characters at most.

#4. Write With A First Person Point Of View:  One great way to help your readers connect with a story is by using a first person point of view. Luckily, this works well with flash fiction, and will as well help you economize words.

#5. Thrill Your Readers With Suspense: The beauty of every creative write-up is the ability to not only to keep the readers engaged, but to keep them in suspense throughout the reading. Even if you are writing a popular niche, your manner of conveying the message to your readers should be a different approach entirely.

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#6. Take Advantage of Your Title: Since flash fiction does not give you the luxury of time to explain every event in your story using lengthy words, the best way to start your story is by using your title as the prologue to your story. For Instance, Carol Oates in her flash fiction titled, “Widow’s First Year”, used the title to give the readers the idea of what the story entails.

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