There is the story of a traveller at Calais who was going one dark and stormy night to the lighthouse there. Whilst standing, looking on, the keeper of the house boasted of its brilliance and beauty, observing there were few such lights in the world beside.

The traveller said, thoughtlessly it may be, “What if one of these burners should go out tonight?

“What!” exclaimed the keeper, “go out, sir?  “Oh, sir,” said he, “look at that dark and stormy sea. You cannot see them, but there are ships passing and repassing there to every point of the compass. Were the light to go out from my inattention, in six months, news would arrive from every part of the coast, that such ships and crews were lost through my neglect! No, no! God forbid that such a thing should ever occur. I feel every night, as I look at my burner, as if all the eyes of all the sailors of the world were looking at my lights, and watching me!”

If only you could see the fleets of ship depending on your lighthouse to row the sea at night, you would pay more attention to keeping the lamp burning. You would trim the lamp of every flake and remove every bushel. If only you could see the millions waiting for your book, business enterprise, music, and what have you? You would realize the danger of neglecting your position. Why keep the idea wrapped in a bucket when the world is anxiously waiting for your light?

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You didn’t receive that idea just to shelf or hide it; it’s to lighten and brighten the world. In this article, we will share some of the reasons many may have decided to hide their light under the bushel. We’ll also share tips to overcome them.

  1. Indecision

Indecision is a clog in the wheel of success. Of what use is aiming when you do not know when to fire? Of what use are the ideas and dreams if you fail to bring them to the fore by taking the right actions at the right time. Ideas are time-bound, just as life is. The longer you sit deciding or planning, the more you waste the life.

Many become victims of indecision because of the uncertainty and vagueness of the target. Truly, we don’t always get the full gist of what we need to do, or how we should go about it. However, planning is not only about the long-term actions, but also the short term. Take the first step, that leads to the second, and the third, and the next, till you attain your goal. Don’t spend your lifetime planning and deciding, when you don’t have the eternity to achieve your dreams.

  1. Lack of confidence

This is a major reason several beautiful ideas are sheathed and unutilized. Confidence is the quality of being certain of one’s ability, or having trust in people, plans or the future. Unsheathing your idea begins with building your confidence in the idea. Sometimes, one loses trust in the uniqueness of an idea because of inadequate expertise and knowledge. And at other times, it’s because of the failures others with similar ideas have recorded. It’s also possible that the lack of confidence is not in any way related to the idea. Memories of past failures and horrible upbringing are also issue capable of ripping a man into shreds.

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To charge up yourself to face the challenge, it is critical to identify what has ripped your self-esteem. Only then will you realize that what has kept you down is insignificant and Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately, circumstances magnify it beyond what it is. No matter how it looks, it’s too small to define you, or hinder you from achieving great things.

Remember how high, joyous, with every muscle up to leap, when you saw the light of that uncommon idea. Don’t throw it all away now. You were sure of yourself then. It’s still a sure thing! But you need to stick it out, staying with the plan, so you’ll be there for the promised completion.

  1. The perceived value and reward

Most times, the value or profitability of an idea may be  immeasurable, until it is put set on the track. This inconspicuousness of the worth of the idea brings discouragement to the person that has conceived the idea.

Light (ideas) are not meant to be in a corn-measure or bushel, their place is the lamp stand. It’s frustrating trying to measure the brightness of a light by keeping it sheathed. The value of an idea depends on the needs being met. So, it’s more profitable to focus first on the needs and the population your ideas will satisfy than the reward.

Reward comes after you have effectively and successfully met the needs around you. Don’t let this shut you back from plunging into whatever you have to do. Put the ideas to use and be the best.

  1. The fear of failure
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The fear of failure is the beginning of failure. Fear is so powerful that it keeps you clouded and caged. Fear births confusion, anxiety and laziness. The moment you let fear grip you, it chokes up your dreams and aspirations.

On the other hand, fear is so fearful that it cringes the moment you face and challenge it. Only then will you realize that fear is only a shadow. Failure is not the opposite of success; it is a step to it. So, the moment you feel like the venture will fail, it’s a sign that you have the potential to succeed. Keep going, never give up.


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