There are publishers’ insights you should know before writing your manuscript, especially if you intend publishing your book for commercial purposes. Certainly, it is expected that your creativity should reflect in your writing, but you will need more than just your creativity to get ahead of the pack.

Below are the publishers’ insights you should know before writing your manuscript

Figure out what readers want:

If you are not writing for yourself, then you must figure out what readers want before writing, especially if you are writing for commercial purposes. You should find out the genre that gets talked about the most. More so, look out for what fascinates readers in the selected genre. Find out how to write a bestseller

Be your judge:

Ask yourself questions when writing. If you had visited a bookstore, would you have selected the same book you are writing over the books authored by other people? Once you can answer this question honestly, then you’ll be sure you are on the right path.

Research on the book genres that sell fast:

Take a market research dive into book stores. Visit print book stores as well as popular digital book stores such as Amazon, GoodReads, and others. Find out the genre that sells fast on each platform. That way, you would know the particular genre that sells fast, and consider writing spinning a good tale in that genre.

Find out books that earn a profitable income:

Some books are generally expensive compared to others. Academic books  tend to be more expensive due to the substantial amount of research put into place.  More so, depending on location and level of relevance, some books are likely to cost more than others. For instance, while a health book or journal on how to treat and prevent a certain endemic disease might sell at a higher price in the regions where the disease is most prevalent due to demand, it might not be as expensive in areas the disease is less prevalent.

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Having all these publishers’ insights in mind will help you with the self-awareness on how well your book would perform in the market.

Chima Rachael J.