There are different forms and types of writing. And it is important for a writer to have basic knowledge about each of the different types and forms, even if it is not your preferred choice.

It is also good for a writer to have a most preferred niche. That is, a place where you are comfortable, where you can write at any given time.

Sometimes, finding that niche might be very easy for some writers, while for other writers it might be difficult. This might be because of several reasons.

And one major difference is that people are different. While some people prefer creative writing, some prefer content writing. Some will rather write stories and have the liberty of picking their characters and giving them life, while some would love to write for brands and write within a framework. Meaning that they will write a few hundreds or thousands of words and be done.

This same thing happens when it comes to book writing. Some people prefer to write novels while some prefer motivational books or self-help books. And even for the creatives, there are still other genres like romance, suspense, thriller and the likes.

Here’s a guideline you can follow when selecting your most preferred niche.

  1. You can select a niche based on what you want to build your name or brand on. That simply means you can select a niche around what you want to be known for. Do you want to be a novelist, or someone that writes children’s books or self-help? The choice is entirely up to you and up to your career choice. So make a careful exploration, know what you want to do and go for it.
  2. You can select a niche based on job demands. This point applies to ghostwriters or people that are just writing to make money, and not necessarily to make a name for themselves in the writing world. So you can train yourself and get comfortable in the niche that most people seem to have a need for in your location.
  3. You can select a need based on your preference. In as much as it is good to have an idea of the different forms and types of writing, it is also important to find a place where you are most comfortable in, where you can make stretches and meet the deadlines of your work. Settling in a niche where you are not comfortable can be quite a stretch and can tarnish your image if you do not deliver, or if you do not do a good job.
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Writing is very important. And sometimes, this writing can be based on your character as a person. So if you are good at marketing generally, you might be very good at writing content for clients that need advertising. If you love telling stories, you might be a good story writer or a novelist. Find that niche and spread your wings.