Brand Visibility is the number one distinguishing factor that separates better-known brands from those that are not as popular or loved. Every brand says one thing: my product is good and you can trust it. However, some say it better and louder than others.

Creating a solid brand takes time, a winning strategy as well as the ability to take a step back and access how all the tools at your disposal have worked to get your brand noticed.

Certainly, one of the surest ways a brand can get noticed and keep getting noticed is through repeated advertising. Advertisements come in different forms; they can be commercials on TV or radio, in print or online. With these different forms of advertising also come commensurate costs.

Apart from the costs, every advertiser needs to ask what form of advertising offers the widest reach to their target market.

Online advertising guarantees every brand very unique targeting techniques, speed in set up, cost effectiveness and a way to measure the success of your advertising budget.

This is precisely what we offer at Sons of Issachar: a way to get your message to your audience without emptying your account.

Sons of Issachar Concepts is the publisher of four leading online publications:

Virtue Digest
Valour Digest
Kingdom News

These platforms are strategically primed to help you achieve the following:

  • Increase your visibility to target audience in and out of Nigeria
  • Establish your brand as responsible and trustworthy to the consumers
  • Make your contents go viral
  • Generate leads and increase revenue.
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We invite you to take advantage of our platforms to advertise your range of quality products and propagate your messages to consumers.

Our advert platform delivers performance reports on impressions and click-throughs on every advert. For longer duration adverts, we give complimentary media exposure in the form of sponsored content.

To get a list of our advert rates, kindly call Omatseye on 08166127202 or send an email to

We will be glad to be of service to you.