Tips to effectively market your book! Authoring a book without making plans to publicise or market it is not going to get you the sales you dream of – especially when there are so many books released every single day. These tips will guide you on how you can effectively market your book and drive sales.
Identify the Target Audience for Your Book:
Every writer should have his or her target audience in mind from the day they put pen to paper. You can even reach out to to help run a thorough research on the demography for your intended book target audience. Recognizing the appropriate target audience for your book will make it easier for you to sell your book.

Market Your Book Via the World Wide Web:

Before you promote your book, you should establish an online presence if you do not have one already.  People who do not know you locally should have something to read up about you. It might surprise you that some people will not patronize your book without finding out certain things about you. Your book might not allow you to spell out everything you wish the world to know about you. This is why you need to build an online presence. You can even subscribe to get an author’s page profile on our website.

Create a Media Kit With Your Book Mock-Up:

Creating a stunning book mock-up can be a useful tool to promote your book. To achieve a better result with this, you should make it a video; a motion graphics mockup preferably. As video mock-ups are likely to catch the interest of people. Some of the essential things you should include in the kit are your short profile (include your picture), the purpose of the book, target audience, a brief synopsis about the book or your book cover blurb, reviews if you have any, and your book cover. You should, however, know how to choose the right book cover for your manuscript to make things perfect. You should be sure to arrange the mock-up properly as well as make the length of the video less than one minute. This is to enable people share the video mock-up easily on their online platforms.

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Pitch Out Story Ideas About Your Book to The Media:

Another effective way to promote your book is by appealing to the emotions of your audience. You can simply do this by telling the story that led to your writing of the book. You can even pick out your favourite part in the book and talk about it passionately. Don’t just tell people you have published a book and expect them to buy. That interesting or emotional story behind the book will go a long way to lure people to pick interest in it.

Use an Email List to Market Your Book:

One of your book promotions metric should be pitching out your book through an email list. You can either do that yourself or pay an expert to build one for you. Check out how you can to build the perfect email list here. However, you can get a faster result by taking advantage of SOI Publishing email list which has thousands of subscribers already. SOI Publishing has over the years built a population of subscribers for different book niche. Making use of our email list will go a long way to boost sales for your book.

Don’t Be in a Hurry to Sell Out Everything at Once:

It should be noted that book promotion is not a one-day approach. That said, don’t expect that you will sell off all your copies in a day. It is a gradual process and as such demands some level of patience and consistency. If you adopt the right strategy for your book promotion, you definitely would be surprised by the tremendous result soon.

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