In any field of endeavor one intends to be successful in, training and constant practice are vital recipes. Just as you would undergo training  if you want to become a fashion designer or an electrician, you also need to train if you intend to become an author, especially in these areas:

1. Training on Writing
Writing is an art that could be learned; and if you don’t have a top-notch writing skill, you would need to get effective training on it. Writing workshops and seminars also teach writers how to write books that are marketable in the publishing industry.
2. Training on Book Ideas
Although coming up with any idea at all requires creativity, getting a book idea that is relevant in the industry and also in-line with the area of publishing you want to focus on requires an effective training .
  1. Training in Marketing

It is important that you are trained in the art of marketing in order to be able to convince a publisher to publish your book. It is also essential that you are able to market your book to people and convince them to buy and read.

  1. Training about the Publishing Industry

As an aspiring author, you would need to learn about the rights you have as an author, how to come-up with a publishing contract, proposal and query letters, as well as  the loyalty and agency’s percentages, amongst other things relating to the publishing industry.

  1. Training on Entrepreneurship

If you want to make a living from writing, , it is important you get trained on how to monetize your career as an author. You also need to get trained on skills to enhance your career, such as speaking, coaching and consulting.

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Finally, success in writing is not a matter of chance but a calculated choice. Training to be an author prepares you for success and gives you an edge over some authors in the industry; so even when others go ahead and publish a book before you, ensure you get trained as an author first in preparation for your big break.