Traditional book publishing methods have long been a lengthy and difficult process. Getting your book printed and published can be challenging, not to mention expensive. Have you got a great book but you don’t want to spend the time and money on finding a publisher to print it? Instead, you should consider online book publishing.

The number of ebooks purchased reached its peak last year as there were over 266 million units sold. Now is the best time to start publishing online.

Why Should You Consider Online Book Publishing?

Online book publishing could be the best and cheapest way for you get your book out there. You won’t have to pay any ridiculous fees, and you get to keep the sales profits!

So, what are the advantages? Here are some reasons you should consider online publishing for your book.

1. It’s Much Easier

The biggest reason why people choose to online book publishing is that it’s so much easier. You could either self publish it or go to an ebook publisher.

To do self online book publishing, all you need to do is have the finished book ready to convert into a PDF. Then, all you need to do is make it available on your website. We also recommend you copyright it, which you can do online too.

With an ebook publisher, you’ll need an ISBN for your book and to format it to the publisher guidelines. After you submit it, it will be available on their website immediately.

Ebook publishers are great for getting your book to a wider audience. They can make your book available in popular online bookstores like Amazon.

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2. Get Your Book Seen

If you wait for your book to be printed via traditional methods, you could be waiting for a very long time. It could take many years for publishers to even see your book, never mind publish it.

But online publishing means your book is available for people all around the world in an instant. It makes it so much easier for people to see and read what you’ve written.

Traditional publishing is ‘the old fashioned way’ for a reason – it’s outdated. Up to 40% of book sales revenue is down to e-book sales. Online publishing will ensure your book is available to everyone, everywhere.

3. It’s a Great Marketing Tool

Ebooks aren’t only a great way to get your book out there, but they’re awesome marketing tools. An ebook is a great way to express your expertise in your niche. It can help establish your brand as a reliable one.

It’s also a great way to expand your reach. If you have company magazines that are available in print, turn them into digital. Digital magazines mean you can reach a wider audience and boost your readership.

Ebooks can also contain links, so they can boost click-through rates and SEO rankings!

4. You Can Make Edits After Publishing

The problem with traditional print media is that once it’s published, you can’t go and change it. If you want to amend a statistic or add new information, you can’t..

With online publishing, you can make changes whenever you’d like. You can revise your writings as much or as little as you’d like online, that’s the beauty of it.

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If you want to add in links or amend sentences you don’t like anymore, it’s easy to go in and make those changes.

5. Reach a New Audience

The best thing about the Internet is that it has the ability to reach everyone. With print media, you may have a tough time breaking through to a wider audience or new demographic.

Online publishing lets you push your ebook to a much wider audience. You can promote your book via social media and on your website. If you have an ebook publisher, they can make your book available on popular platforms.

You can also check analytics to see how many people have followed the link to your ebook and who is reading it. You can use this information to further define your demographic and adapt to it.

6. Make More Money

If you publish your book via traditional methods, the chances are you won’t see most of the royalties. If your book does well, you can expect to see only 10-15% of the price of each book sold.

If you choose to publish online, you’ll be able to net most of the profits made. If you go through a company like Amazon you’ll keep up to 70% of the listed price of each book.

7. Longer Shelf Life

When you publish via traditional methods, your book may only be available in stores for a few months. This means there’s not a lot of time for an audience to grow and you could lose out.

But if you opt for online publishing, your book will stay available forever. What goes on the Internet stays there, and this is a great thing for your book. It gives it the chance to build an audience and for people to find it years down the line.

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Your book will be available to read at the click of a button. You can write as many as you’d like and people can still find your earlier works with ease.

8. Keep the Rights to Your Book

If you go with a traditional publisher and you book doe very well, it can be great! But, it sometimes means you’ve signed away a lot of rights to your book.

When a traditional publisher takes on your book, they will partly own it. If your book does well and has the possibility of becoming a TV show or movie, they will profit off it too. It also means you won’t have full creative control.

With a self-published online book, you keep all the rights. You can do whatever you want with the book at any time. If you do get opportunities like these, you’ll keep your rights to the book.

Online Book Publishing Is the Way to Go

If you’ve been considering whether to publish your book online, now’s the time to do it. Ebooks are a great way to get your book out there without having to rely on anyone else. You can reach a greater audience and keep full control of your book.

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