We all know that the December holiday season is a great time to sell more books. People are in buying mode already, so they are more willing to purchase a book. People are receiving Kindles as gifts, so they want to find some books to load up on their new devices.
If you can take advantage of it, you want to try to get as many sales as you can during this time, because it will lead to even more sales.
The problem is, there is a ton of competition at that time of the year!
Since everyone else is trying to sell more books, promote their books, and cash in on this time of year, your promotional efforts won’t do as well as they normally would since you are competing with everyone else’s promotional efforts for their books!
That holiday season is great, but it can be tough to sell more books and be noticed when everyone else is trying to do the same.
Luckily, every day can be (and is) a holiday!
Whether it is a real holiday or made up, every day can be a great day to promote your book!
Did you know that January 24th is “Belly Laugh Day”?
July 10th is “Teddy Bear Picnic Day”.
September 16th is “Stepfamily Day”.
Each day (week and month) of the year has a special holiday associated with it! If you can find some holidays that tie-in with your book, you can use those dates to promote your book!
Find some bloggers that talk about the same subject matter as your book (and the holiday), and let them know about the holiday and that you are promoting your book for this holiday!
Think about this…
If your book (fiction or nonfiction) is about stepfamilies, then September 16th (“Stepfamily Day”) is perfect. Find some blogs that are about being a part of a stepfamily, and let them know about the holiday! Then, tell them about your book (which is relevant to their blog), and let them know you are promoting your book for this “holiday”.
This is free content for them and free promotion for you, and it’s all relevant and it’s geared toward the perfect audience for your book! All from some made up holiday.
How do you find such holidays?
Here are a few sites that list what holidays fall on each day (week and month):
Think about the subjects and topics in your book. Find holidays that match those topics and create your own promotion for that date!
We hope this tip helps you and your book stand out from the crowd and sell more books!
Source: BookMarketingTools.com

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