A book review is a literary analysis of a work based on its theme, subject and the author’s ability to convey the message intended for the readers. Book reviewers often analyze books using their experience and personal opinions. But that does not mean that objective reviews do not exist. A reviewer can also choose to analyze the character representation, summary of the book or even the themes and how they relate to societal issues.  Though some authors might shy away from reviews or critiques, it is important to note that reviews are part of the process of becoming a better writer.That being stated, here are some reasons why authors should have their books reviewed.

A Book Review Can Serve as a Recommendation

Whether you like it or not, some readers depend solely on book reviews as a form of recommendation. These particular set of readers are not interested in what you have on your book cover, not even the blurb. While the title might have lured them to pick interest in the book, they will only proceed to read it if they are impressed with the reviews.

Book Reviews Make a Great Publicity Tool

You have probably just published a book and are thinking of ways to push it out there and get it seen by as many people as possible. Well, thanks to book reviews, your book can easily get enough publicity. The more reviews you get, the more popular your book grows.

Book reviews are also essential for e-books. This is because reviews give the book more online presence that enables it to get seen easily. More so, your book getting popular means more book sales. Who knows, getting enough book reviews could be your ticket to become a bestselling author.

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Book Reviews Help You Hone Your Writing Skill

If there is one more reason why authors should have their books reviewed, then it should be to hone their writing skill. As an author, your book is meant for the public, and not for your enjoyment alone. Hence, it is vital to get to know your readers’ perceptions of your book. Though the opinions may vary, honest critiques about your book will make you write even better in the future.

Soliciting honest reviews should be every author’s priority after publishing their book. However, this doesn’t mean you should pay to get a dishonest review just to drive sales. If you must pay people to review your book, then ensure to get their honest opinions, otherwise, you might be the one at a serial loss.

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Chima Rachael J.