The same reason why you stop reading some books even before you get started with them, is the same reason why you hear some people say “reading is bo-ooo –ring”,  as funny as this may seem to you, this could be true, especially when an article lacks a ‘hook sentence’. The first sentence in a piece of writing can either arouse or kill the interest of a reader, and that is why hook sentences are extremely important in your writing.

After all, the first thing readers do after checking out the cover of a book and its title, is to glance through the first sentence in the book content, to see if it intrigues them or not, before deciding whether to continue or not. Now shouldn’t you hook them to read on?

A hook sentence, just like the hook fishermen use to lure fishes to their line, is a sentence used by writers to capture the interest of readers. It usually appears in the beginning part of an article, and could appear in form of a statement, or a question. Same way an appropriate mail’s subject heading can spur the receiver’s interest to go ahead and read the content, is similar to how an appropriate hook sentence in a piece of writing can prevent a reader from batting an eyelid until they’ve read the last word in the last page of the book.

Types of hook sentences

Just as there are different types of writing, there also exist different types of hook sentences, and these include, but are not limited to the following:

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Quotation hook sentence: A quotation hook sentence is quotes derived from literary works or prominent speakers. These quotes are however drawn from works that have significance level of impart as well as considered relevant to the topic.

Statistical hook sentence: Starting an article with a statistic data presentation of a research can lure a reader to develop more interest and focus on an essay piece.  For example, stating that over 1, 000 000 mortality rate recorded annually in Nigeria are caused by malaria, says a recent WHO study, Will definitely spurs the interest of a reader.

Rhetorical question hook sentence: This type of hook sentence is very effective in essays, even though they are questions not expected to be answered. When a piece of writing is started with a rhetoric question, chances are that a reader will have a burning desire to find answers to that question, and at such will be keener to read on.

Anecdote/Personal experience hook sentence: Starting an essay with a personal experience or a short story hook sentence relating to the topic under consideration surely leaves no regret as it helps readers engage more effectively with the content, and at such arouses the interest of a reader.

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Meanwhile, hook sentences should not be confused with introductions. A hook sentence “opens your introduction rather than substitute it”.

If you read this article to the end, chances are that the first sentence of this article intrigues your interest to read on, and that is why hook sentences are important in your writing.

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Rachael Chima J.