Publishing a book can be so much of a herculean task, especially if you do not know or have the right information to get you started. Once your manuscript is ready, you have to release it to the care of competent editors who will take it through the developmental editing  and copy-editing stages and have it proofread so that your thoughts are well articulated and captured so that no part of your ideas are missing in the print. After which your next step is to locate the perfect market niche publisher to publish your manuscript, and finally a marketer to push your book to its target audience. While these seems like a journey that might take forever even before you get started, the publishing tips below which would serve as your key guide to publishing a book have been collated to make your journey on book publishing an easy one.

#1. Choose the Topic That Best Interests You for Your Book

Most new Writers just want to write without considering a niche that interests them, and as a result ends up with a drudgery writing task.  Before you delve into writing, you should consider topics in the areas that best interest you, just so you do not end up getting stuck on your writing.

#2. Draft An Outline For Your Book

After finding a niche that interests you, you should draft the skeletal part of your book. You might use infographics to outline what areas you want to cover in your book.  The importance of drafting an outline for your book, is to help you stay organized and on track during your writing.

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#3. Write out Your Thoughts

At this point, you do not have to worry about making a mistake. Just write down your thoughts and ideas using the outline you drafted as a guide. Don’t bother so much on how crappy your manuscript may appear, just write, and rewrite thereafter.

#4. Choose A Good Title For Your Manuscript

After you are done with penning down your thoughts and ideas, the next thing to do is choose a title for your book. You don’t want to end up with a boring title, so you might want to consider getting a short and catchy title. However, you should have SEO keyword in mind, especially if you desire to launch your book digitally as an e-book. This is to help get your target audience to see your book even faster.

#5. Proofread And Edit Your Manuscript

This is really as much as important as the entire writing process of your book, and if not well done, could cause a big setback for your book. You just shouldn’t overlook this aspect, as no one is going to read a crappy book. Except of course your manuscript is just for your personal book shelve. You should proof and edit your manuscript, after rewriting.

After rewriting your book, you should not jump into editing. You should probably take a coffee break before reading through what you have written but this time not as the writer. This will enable you pick out those things you might not find appropriate as a reader rather than as a writer.

However, to give your manuscript the immaculate error-free it deserves, you should consider getting a professional developmental editor. SOI Publishing renders this service efficiently, you might want to reach out to us for your editing/proofing generally.

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#6. Find A Publisher

After your manuscript has been thoroughly proofed and edited, the next thing is to find a publisher that publishes manuscripts in your niche. You certainly do not want to take a manuscript dealing with topics such as love or romance outside academic, to an academic publisher.  You need not be told your manuscript would be rejected. So take your time and research into the publishing field to find out the best publishers for your manuscript.

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Should in case you get stuck in your journey to being an author, SOI Publishing is ready to help you with the whole process stated above. You only have to think it, and we would transform your ideas into a finely finished book.  Reach out to us now.

Chima Rachael J.

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